Yak Riding is another popular and exciting experience in ladakh and Zanskar. Usually the most of the yak ridding was usefull in zanskar Lungnak or Tsarap valley, in winter there was a lost of snow in zanskar about 4-5 feets, when then people can get to other village they use to take yak riding. In ancient time the people of zanskar brought a nature salt from the Nomadic area Tsokar and Kharnak a small hamlet Nomad, In zanskar people of Tsarap valleys use the field plough and threashing the Barley and Cereals. During the autumn they also use to take a winter commodities of food stock from padum a head quarter of zanskar region. About the 70 km from padum zanskar an altitude of 3989mtrs is the ethically beautiful lash green called the Gyabal and Lynak Valleys. A Colourfully decorated Yaks with woolen knitwear over the horns and forehead and strings of bells around the necks are ready to take you for a ride around the Cannon or go up the mountain. The private travel agencies on prior booking also organizes Yak Rides in Lakhang and Gonpo rangjon, a rock sculture of mahakala, a popular trekking point to padaum Darcha and darcha to Tsarap valleys.


Horse Riding is a another experienced and adventure in Zanskar Ladakh Himalayas. During the trek without the horses it cannot be success the trek and voyages. We have quiet horses and ponies for every rider and professional guides to escort you. For the safety of horses, our guide just escort and not joining you on the horse back. Maximum weight of rider is 80-90 kg. Children are most welcome and can be led as fun of adventures. We recommend the wearing long pants, sensible, Mountain shoes and plenty of sunscreen. A riding horse lead through the lush green barely fields and flowers will complete your Holiday Experience. Changthang Region: is a more flate and more pleasant to riding the horse. The snowcapped mountains will offer you a warm welcomes and hearty wishes during your visit of zanskar ladakh. Changthang is also a desert and stony areas, were the nomad use to ride horse for the take over the nomadic camp place to place change in a month, A Traditional Nomads still use wollen clothes and yak tents to stay during the sumer and winter for their livinghood, it offers a unique view to behold. The prices are including of hotel transfers (not for all areas), standard safety and riding guide. Time for riding can be in the morning or in the afternoon from 07 .00am until 05.00 PM (or depend on request and weather condition) In ladakh most the weather was most sunny and blue sky. For more details and contact to visit us.