Day   01      Leh to Lamayuru

Drive to lamayuru 90 kmtrs. enroute visit Likir basgo and Alchi monestary.

evening visit lamayuru monestary.over night  camp.

Day   02      Lamayuru to Wanla.  Trek to  hanupata.  5-6 hrs walk.

Drive car by road and tea break at wanla  and trek to Hanupata.

Wanla to Hanupata.  Trek  5-6 hrs.

Following  the river in to a narrow valley,  rock cutted foot path to avoid  difficult river crossing.  On way see the few small villages and house.   Over night    At village camping.

Day   03      Hanupata to Photoksar. 6 hrs

Gradual ascending towards sirsir la ( 4500 mtrs.) decend down to photoksar village.over night at camp.

Day   04      Photoksar to   Styangs. 6 hrs.

wonderful landscape, gradual ascend to the singgela pass (5500 mtrs.) the  highest point in this trekking route. specticular view from the top of the  pass.over night at camp.

Day   05      Styangs  to Lingshed. 5 hrs.

winds over to the two minor passes with plenty of ups and down by a  plenty   of  zigzags . camp at lingshed village.

Day   07      Lingshed to Nyetse. 6-7 hrs.

slowly climbing the hanumala pass ( 5000 mtrs ) wonderful view all around.

decend to Nyetse camping. The camp site was  flat and surrounded by a highly   colourful rocks and rocky mounts.

Day   08      Nyetse to Hanamur. 6 hrs.

Trek over the stip pass called parfila with ups and down.  To the  first village of zanskar, namely hanamur Camp  at  village with 4 inhabitants.

Day   09      Hanamur to   zangla  village. 5-6hrs

Followin the zanskar river   zangla village walk on flat desert and medow, arrive  at  pishu village with 70 inhabitants. camp at the bank of zanskar river side.  Here you can visit the Zanskari Nunnery Gopas,

Day   10      Zangla to  padum  by bus  night at padum.  Zanskar.

During this day  you have pass the various view of viilage by both side of zanskar river.trek  by the side of zanskar river , you can cross the tongde monestary. The Gonpas are  belong to Gelukpa sect, Yellow colour head cap. Desciple of Tsongkha pa .

Day   11      padum rest whole day and seight seeing around the  city.

Day    12      padum  to raru  4-5 hrs

Morning  walks towards the TSARAP valley, most of the ancient word it can say  LUNGNA,  it means ,

then valley   have various goreg to enter way of Voayges  to many trek route and  a endless discovery. On way you can visit the  Barden Gonpa  a  Drukpa sect, b after lunch you can visit the Mune Gonpa  and arrive a at camp of Raru..

Day   13      Raru   Pepula/   Dorzong.3-4  hrs.

After  raru village   the gorge its comes a narrow until the puni. The  trekkers can follow the  right side of  TSARAP river  until the Fuktal Gonpa. The  way side you can appear a local farm and Fields  by crops of Barley and Wheats, Black peas.

Day   14      Pepula  fuktal via  Tsarap chu.night at  fuktal guest house.

2 hrs walk to Purne and visit the most specticular monestary in zanskar. The Gonpas was  very famous in painting and their culture in rich, its belong to Gelukpa sect and it was found in 11 century By the Changsem Sherap Zangpo, whos is the zanskar founder and  translator. In this monastry in 1824-1826 and famouse Hungarien are spent two year at Gonpa to study the  Rich buddist  Culture and Heritage of Himalayas. After all he  well known Budhi Laungauge, and he composed the  Dictionary in English Tibetan. Now the place can see at this time namely stoba lakhang. Here  he curved on big stone about his life spent at Gonpa.

Day   15      Fuktal Gonpa  to  Tundup  Family House  KURU 4 hrs

walking through the villages  and leave the TSARAP river  and walk on river side of Lakhang chu  and reach at  KURU a tundup family house by passing a many  village. night at Tundup house with familys.

Day   16      KURU  to Kargak. 6 hrs.

These days hiker can see the plenty of house and village  by both side of  trek route.   walking through Kuru, tangzay, raltak villages reach Kargak the last village of zanskar.night at camp./ Local familys House.

Day   17   kargyak to lakhang    5-7hrs walk

Before  arriving to Lakhang  you can have a good view of Gonborangjon on highly rock satnding exist the Godness of  Mahakala  valley is full of flower and  Medows cross through the shephard camp. camp at the base of shingula pass.

Day   18    Lakhang  to ramjak  7-8 rhs.

climb the shingula pass for 2 hrs ( 5300 mtrs. ) decend to the camping at Chumik nakpo. On top of the pass you have  a small lake on Top, some client can do a ski and mount Climb.   Walk on snow and rocky lang.

Day   19    Ramjack   to Chumic chenmo  5 6 hrs.

decend for 5 hrs and camp at Z. Sumdo. Cross the Himachal shepherds called the Gadi. Its life can spent whole year on mountaians with the sheep and goats,

Day   20   Chumik chenmo  to Darcha    4 hrs  walk,

4 hrs walk to darcha.  You can see the first viilage of Himachal predesh, village name Chika, Rarik and arrive at darcha, these village  and people are mostly belong to Buddhism and cultural..

Day   21  Darcha to manali by bus and car.

Day   22 Manali  you can have a rest one day or few days.  And next day leave to Dehli by car / by bus.

Day   23  Delhi to france  by plane .