01 France Delhi
02 Delhi Leh transfer to hotel from the airport
03 Leh Seight seeing to Indus valley Shay, Thiksay and Himis monastery.
04 Leh seight seeng to Spituk Phayang and drop to Chilling for the trek Chilling is well known for the Gold smith.
05 Chilling Skiu cross the trolley over the Zanskar river.
06 Skiu Markha 6 hour’s trekalong the valley camp at Markha village.
07 Markha Hanker 5 hours trek camp at Hanker.
08 Hanker Yakrupal 6 hours trek camp at Yakrupal.
09 Yakrupal Tsokra 5 hours trek camp at Tsokra
10 Tsokra Dat 6 hopurs trek camp at Dat.
11 Dat Lungmochey 7 hours trek camp at Lungmochey.
12 Lungmochey Zara 6 hours trek camp at Zara.
13 Zara Tsokar 5 hours trek here it start the nomad area so you can visit the nomad life some time on way.
14 Tsokar Nuruchen 6 hours trek camp at Nuruchen.
15 Nuruchen Rajungkaru 5 hours trek camp at Rajungkaru.
16 Rajungkaru Gyamaparma 6 hours trek camp at Gyamaparma.
17 Gyamaparma Korzokphu now you are much closed to see the Tsomoriri lake which is very famous for black neck crane.
18 Korzokphu Tsomriri here it is the Lake and you will see the very good view of Lake.
19 Tsomoriri Kyangdum 6 hours trek camp at Kyangdum.
20 Kyangdum Nubusumdo 5 hours trek camp at Nurbusumdo.
21 Nurbusumdo Pholong Patak 6 hours trek camp at Pholong Patak
22 Pholong Patak Tarang Kongma 7 hours trek camp Tarang Kongma
23 Tarang Kongma Parangla base 1st 2 hours trek camp at the base.
24 Parangla base 1st Parang base 2nd 6 hours trek camp at base.
25 Parang base 2nd Thaltak 6 hours trek camp at Thaltak.
26 Thaltak Kibar / Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.
27 Kibar Seight seeing to Kaza, 4 hrs walk.
28 Kaza Manali drive by jeep night in the hotel
29 Manali Delhi
30 Delhi France