Himis to Stok via Markha velley

Day From To
01 Leh Shang sumdo drive by jeep and trek to Chuskurmo
02 Chuskyurmo Nimaling terk
03 Nimaling Markha
04 Markha Sku trek
05 Sku Gandala base
06 Gandala base Rumbak
07 Rumbak Lamlung / Mankarmo
08 Mankar Base of Kangri
09 Base Summit and back to base
10 Base Stok and pickup by jeep

8 days Markha trek

Date From To
1st Delhi Leh Transfer to Hotel
2nd Leh Seight seeing around Leh like Shay, Thiksay, Hemis over night at Hotel
3rd Leh Zingchen 4 to 5 hours trek
4th zingchen Kandala base 5 to 6 hours trek
5th Kandala base Sku via Kandala 4870mt 6 to 7 hours trek
6th Sku Markha 7 to 8 hours trek over night at Camp
7th Markha Thouchungtse 4 to 5 hours trek  over night at Camp
8th Thouchungtse Nemaling 4 to 5 hours trek over night at Camp
9th Nemaling Chuskurmo via Kongmarula 5130mt 5 to 6 hours trek over night at Camp
10th Chuskurmo Leh walk 3 hours after pickup by Jeep to Lah over night at Hotel

Chilling/ Markha /Rangdum

Day Fro To
01 Delhi Leh
02 Leh Sight seeing
03 Leh Chilling drive by jeep and jeep on the way visit Phayang and Spituk Monastery
04 Chilling Skiu in the morning cross the trolley and start the trek to Skiu 4 hours walk
05 Skiu Sara 4 hours walk night in the camp
06 Sara Markha 4 hours walk
07 Markha Thachungtse 5 hours walk
08 Thachungtse Nimaling 4 hours walk
09 Nimaling Other side base of Chakgangla 5 hours walk
10 Base Lato cross Puzela 5 hours walk
11 Lato Barandi Nalla drive by jeep close to Tsokmitsik
12 Tsokmitsik Satak 5 hours walk
13 Satak Yarshun 4 hours walk
14 Yarshun Hormochey 5 hours walk
15 Hormochey Yaita 5 hours walk
16 Yaita Phuktal 5 hours walk
17 Phuktal Purne 3 hours walk
18 Purne Ichar 5 hours walk
19 Ichar Raru 3 hours walk
20 Raru Padum drive by jeep
21 Padum Stongde, Zangla and back to Padum
22 Padum Rangdum drive by jeep
23 Rangdum Marlong 4 hours walk
24 Marlong Kanjila base 4 hours walk
25 Kanjila base Cross Kanjila and to Knji Kong 7 hours walk
26 Kanji Kong Kanji Rantak 4 hours walk
27 Kanji Rantak Hinaskot 5 hours walk drive to Leh same day
28 Leh Rest / around the market
29 Leh Delhi

Kanji Rangdum

S.N0 Name of the Places
01 Flight from Paris to Delhi.
02 Hotel in Leh, in a quit place, upper Leh. Jeep visit of Stakna Shay and Thiksay.
03 Walk around Leh.
04 Jeep transfer to Lamayuru, on the way visit of Alchi. Night in guesthouse in Lamayuru.
05 Jeep transfers to Hinaskot, where the horsemen are waiting.
06 Trek to Kanji. 4 hours walk.
07 Camp upper Hanupata. 5 hours walk.
08 Camp between Yokmala and Nigutsela. 5 hours walk.
09 Photoksar. 4 hours walk.
10 Camp before Singgayla. 4 hours walk.
11 Camp at Skyang Chumik. 4 hours walk.
12 Lingshed. 5 hours walk.
13 Camp after Marpola. 5 hours walk.
14 Dipling. 4 hours walk.
15 Camp at the crossing point of the Pickdong and Kanji road. 5 hours walk.
16 Rangdum night in guesthouse if possible. 4 hours walk.
17 Transfer to Kargil or any other interesting places just after Kargil.
18 Tranfer to Leh in a hotel.
19 Rest in Leh, Shopping.
20 Flight to Delhi, in a clean medium range hotel, Visit of the Red Fort.
21 Visit of the Humayuns tomb a Pahar ganj, evening time transfer to the international airport.

Lamayuru To Chillang

Day 01            Leh to Lamayuru7 hrs.

Leave Leh for Lamayuru; 125 Kms from Leh. Visit Alchi, Liker monastery on the way to Lamayuru. Arrive Lamayuru by afternoon and visit Lamayuru monastery. Overnight in Camp

Day 02          Lamayuru to Wanla.- 4-5 hrs.

Start you trek after the breakfast via Pirkiting La (3700 mtrs.) from where you can have spectacular view of Zangskar Mountains and Konzske La. The steep descends leads you to first camp at Wanla a pretty village via Shellakung. Over night in Camp.

Day 03          Wanla to Hinju 5-6 hours.

Leave Wanla for Hinju after the breakfast the nice views of mountains and narrow gorges. The Hinju village comes with the prayer flags in the starting of village. Overnight in camp

Day 04         Hinju to Sumda Chenmo 5-6 hours

Procced towards Sumda Chenmo via Konski La 4900 mtrs. From where you can have a view of back route from Pirkiti La. The Valley across the Kanski La has a few huts of shepherds from

Hinju where they make butter and cheese… Overnight in Camp.

Day 05            Sumda Chenmo to Dundunchan La 5-6 hrs.

The trail leads to Dundunchan la Base along with Sumda chu . Arrive  base of the pass after a good walk for 4-5 hrs. Overnight in Camp

Day 06              Dundunchan La base to Chilling 5-6 hrs.

Have a fantastic view from Dundunchan La (4700 mtrs) and trail Leads to Chilling village where the Zangskar River follows towards Nimo village. The chilling village is famous for metal works in Ladakh. Initially the people of Chilling were brought to Ladakh from Nepal Deldan Namgyal to built the statue of Shakyamun Buddha at Shey. After completion of statue they rewarded with Land at chilling and settled down here by king.

Pick up by car to leh in same day, check hotel night at leh


Leh  -Markha- Zalung karpo la – Lungmocehy, Nomadic trek

Days     camp and over night

  1. Leh drive car to chiliing trolley bridge and trek to sku/kaya village   4 hrs
  2. Kaya  to markha   along the vallay   camp at marha village          6-7 hrs
  3. Marka  to   langtangchen   vai a  ther small village hanker.         6-7 hrs
  4. Langthangchen to  base camp of Zalung karpo la   Yakrupal         7-8 hrs
  5. Base camp to  Tsoagra vaia  cross the Zalung karpola  5100m     7-8hrs
  6. Tsogra to  Dat  the  nomadic village and Gonpa                       6-7 hrs
  7. Dat  to Lungmochey cross the yarla  and camp at desrt.    5-6 hrs
  8. Lungmochey morning pick up by car to Tsokar lake  and drive to Korzok and night at Korzok village  and Tsomori lake , visit Monastery and  village  and Lake.
  9. Early morning pick up by car to leh along the Indus river and back to leh night at Hotel.



Nubra Velley Treks

Day 01: Arrival Delhi

Reception in air port, transfer to hotel, Overnight in hotel.

Day 02: Delhi to Leh flight (3500 m)

Transfer to domestic air port, flight to Leh, after noon visit monastery in town Palace of the King, Shanti stupa, evening free, Overnight in the hotel.

Day 03: Around Leh

Visit, Phyang and Spituk monasteries, afternoon free. afternoon Stok Palace evening free Overnight in hotel.

Day 04: Leh to Sabu Phu (4100 m) Short Trek 1

Beautiful drive up to Sabu village, 22 km. Visit Sabu and continue by easy trek to Sabu Phu; afternoon, discover the area, 4 to 5 hours. Overnight in the camp.

Day 05: Sabu Phu to Digar Phu, Base of Digarla (4650 m) 4 to 5 hours. Trek 2

Easy and beautiful day, walking along a beautiful landscape, Overnight in camp.

Digar LaDay 06: Digar Phu to Digar, (4500 m) over Digar la (5360 m.) 6 hours. Trek 3

Tiring day: steep and gradual climbing to the pass, one can have a panoramic view of the Shyok and Leh valley, crossing the Digar La and descending in zigzag to the Digar.

Day 07: Digar to Agyam, (4200 m) 5 hours. Trek 4

Easy walk to Agyam, situated in the Shyok valley, on the bank of Shyok river.

Day 08: Agyam to Hotong. (3650 m) 4:30 hours. Trek 5

The trail goes through, on the bank of the Shyok river to the Hotong. Easy and beautiful walk.

Day 09: Hotong to Rumjuk. (3300 m) 6 hours.

Same trail as yesterday. Trek 6

Day 10: Rumjuk to Khalsar. (3150 m) 5 to 6 hours. Trek 7

End of the Indus Nubra Valley Trek in Shyok valley. Visit the Khalsar village, where you can join the road to Leh. Jeeps are waiting to pick you to visit all the Nubra valley, which will introduce you to its treasures of nature, culture and history for the next 5 days.

Khalsar VillageDay 11: Khalsar to-Hunder via Diskit, (3048 mtrs.) 90 kms.

We stop at Diskit to explore the town and monastery, further drive to Hunder a beautiful village beside the Shyok river, One can have 6 kms walk on the sand of Shyok river to Hunder, night in camp.

Day 12: Hunder to Panamik (3232 mtrs). 130 kms, Back to Sumour.

Same way back in Shyok valley, take diversion just before the Khalsar to Nubra valley, stop over in Tirit a centre of handicraft, wool and jewelry, further visit to Panamik where in olden time Caravan,s of silk route use to take halt, by evening visit a 250 years old Samour gompa, Overnight in camp.

Day 13: Samour to Leh. 120 kms. check in hotel, afternoon free day.

Drive early in the morning, Road goes over the world highest motor able road (5600m), afternoon reach at Leh, check in hotel. afternoon free Overnight in hotel.

Day 14: Free day in Leh, Overnight in hotel.


Markha to Kibar- Spiti/ H&M

01 France Delhi
02 Delhi Leh transfer to hotel from the airport
03 Leh Seight seeing to Indus valley Shay, Thiksay and Himis monastery.
04 Leh seight seeng to Spituk Phayang and drop to Chilling for the trek Chilling is well known for the Gold smith.
05 Chilling Skiu cross the trolley over the Zanskar river.
06 Skiu Markha 6 hour’s trekalong the valley camp at Markha village.
07 Markha Hanker 5 hours trek camp at Hanker.
08 Hanker Yakrupal 6 hours trek camp at Yakrupal.
09 Yakrupal Tsokra 5 hours trek camp at Tsokra
10 Tsokra Dat 6 hopurs trek camp at Dat.
11 Dat Lungmochey 7 hours trek camp at Lungmochey.
12 Lungmochey Zara 6 hours trek camp at Zara.
13 Zara Tsokar 5 hours trek here it start the nomad area so you can visit the nomad life some time on way.
14 Tsokar Nuruchen 6 hours trek camp at Nuruchen.
15 Nuruchen Rajungkaru 5 hours trek camp at Rajungkaru.
16 Rajungkaru Gyamaparma 6 hours trek camp at Gyamaparma.
17 Gyamaparma Korzokphu now you are much closed to see the Tsomoriri lake which is very famous for black neck crane.
18 Korzokphu Tsomriri here it is the Lake and you will see the very good view of Lake.
19 Tsomoriri Kyangdum 6 hours trek camp at Kyangdum.
20 Kyangdum Nubusumdo 5 hours trek camp at Nurbusumdo.
21 Nurbusumdo Pholong Patak 6 hours trek camp at Pholong Patak
22 Pholong Patak Tarang Kongma 7 hours trek camp Tarang Kongma
23 Tarang Kongma Parangla base 1st 2 hours trek camp at the base.
24 Parangla base 1st Parang base 2nd 6 hours trek camp at base.
25 Parang base 2nd Thaltak 6 hours trek camp at Thaltak.
26 Thaltak Kibar / Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.
27 Kibar Seight seeing to Kaza, 4 hrs walk.
28 Kaza Manali drive by jeep night in the hotel
29 Manali Delhi
30 Delhi France

Rumtse / Tsomoriri

The Nomad area Trek Program

Day From To
01 Leh Rumtse drive by jeep and start the trek Kyamar 5 hours trek
02 Kyamar Tisaling 5/6 hours trek
03 Tisaling Panggunagu 5 hours trek
04 Panggunagu Rajungkaru 6 hours trek
05 Rajungkaru Gyama 5 hours trek
06 Gyama Tsomoriri 6 hours trek
07 Tsomoriri Rest and walk around the lake
08 Tsomoriri Drive to Leh by jeep

Rumtse to Kibar

Day From To
01 Rumtse Kyamar 6 hours walk
02 Kyamar Tisaling 7 hours walk
03 Tisaling Pangunagu 7 hours walk
04 Pangunagu Zhukri 6 hours walk
05 Zhukri Nakpogozing 6 hours walk
06 Nakpoguzing Tsakshang 6 hours walk
07 Tsakshang Tsomorir / Korzok 6 hours walk
08 Tsomoriri Kyangdam 7 hours walk
09 Kyangdam Nurbu sumdo 6 hours walk
10 Nurbu sumdo Katpa buzos 6 hours walk
11 Katpa buzos Largyap 6 hours walk
12 Largyap Base camp Parangla 4 hours walk
13 Base camp Parangla Cross Parangla and thaltak 9 hours walk
14 Thaltak Kibar 4 hours walk

Rumtse To Korzok

Trekking Ladakh Aug 2006

Trek grade: Strenuous & Challenging

Maximum Altitude: 5410 mtrs

Fly from Delhi to Leh. Spend 02 days at Leh, acclimatizing and touring Buddhist monasteries, followed by a 07 days challenging trek from Rumtse in the Indus valley; to Korzok in the changthang valley. The trek traverses the ancient trade routes; which ascend and descend over high passes between  more than 5000m in altitude. The trail leads past the high plateau lakes of Tsokar and  passing numerous nomadic encampments with its stunning views. We also cross the 5410 m high  Kyamayuri La and the Yalung Nyau La , 5440 mthe latter has great views of the Tso Moriri Lake. We will see spectacular wilderness, rugged landscape, wildlife, breathtaking views, and the ancient korzok gonpa, located at 411.  Altitude

,At the end of the trek we will drive back to leh, 7 hours drive.

Aug     03:Arrive Leh, 3506 m

Early morning flight from Delhi to Leh. Transfer to hotel and rest for the day.

Aug     04: Leh Sightseeing
Walking to  Shanti Stupa, and Leh bazaar. Drive to Sangkar Gompa. Overnight at hotel.

Aug     05: Leh – Likir and Alchi Monasteries

Day trip by Jeep to Likir and Alchi monasteries. Overnight at hotel in Leh.

Aug     06: Leh – Shey , Tiksey &  Hemis – Rumtse, 4325 m

Drive 78 Kms to Rumtse. Enroute visit Shey, Thikse and Hemis Monasteries  . Overnight in camp

Aug     07: Trek Rumtse to Kyamer

Trek for 05 hours. The first day is an easy walk with two river crossings. Overnight in camp.

Aug     08: Trek Kyamar to Tisaling

Trek for 05-06  hours. A hard day as we cross over  Kumur La, 4770m, and Mandal Chan La 4850m. Overnight in camp.

Aug     09: Trek Tisaling to Pangunagu

Trek for 05 to 06 hours. Cross over  Shibuk La (4900m). Good chance to see Wild Ass (kyang ). Camp near the Tso Kar lake, 4258 m.

Aug     10: Trek Pangunagu to Nuruchan
Trek for 04 to 05 hours. Along the shore of  Tso Kar With luck you may sight the Black necked crane.Overnight in camp.

Aug     11: Trek Nuruchen to Rachun Karu

Short trek of 03 to 04 hour. Visit Changpa nomadic encampments. Overnight in camp.

Aug     12: Trek Rachun karu – Kyamayuri La,  5410m – Gyama

Trek 05 to 6 hours. Ascend the  Kyamayuri La,  5410m and Kartse La. Spectacular views of snow peaks.

Aug     13:Trek Gyama – Yalung Nyau la, 5440 m – Korzok, 4513 m

Long days trekking for 07 hours, will take us over the 5440 m high Yalung Nyau La. Stunning views lake Tso Moriri.  Overnight in camp.

Aug     14: Korzok.

A day of rest. Enjoy the ambiance of the lake, whilst our we replenish our supplies for the second phase of the trek

Aug     15: pickup by jeep ( korzok to leh )

Aug     16: Leh rest or shopping day.

Aug     17: leh/Delhi.